About Us

Welcome to the Stevenage Vineyard. We are an established church planted out of St. Albans Vineyard. The Vineyard movement is  relatively young having begun just over 35 years ago and now numbering 2400 churches worldwide in over 90 countries,  including 130 churches in the United Kingdom. So if you decide to come and visit us you will find it informal and relaxed. The worship will be expressive and relatable – but the most important thing of all is that you experience God’s presence. We desire to see people who love Jesus and who are demonstrating that love in the community outside. We believe its the only way our world can be changed… in fact its the way Jesus Himself worked!

We want to be where God is.  We also want you to experience God for yourself as you join us.  We find that when you meet God for yourself you experience acceptance, healing and forgiveness.  We also find that where God is, is outside the church and that we are a window through which people can come into contact with Jesus.  Whether that’s through healing, mercy or compassion.

We believe that everyone gets to do what Jesus did and not just the person at the front. Somewhere that you are free to fail, learn and grow, but also as you grow, you change.  We want to be a church that Stevenage values and would miss if we weren’t there.  We want to be welcoming and have fun while we are doing it.

Meet the Team

Daniel Barnes

Lead Pastor

Nicola Watson-Bird

Assistant Pastor (with oversight of Children, Youth & Families)

Peter Bird

Assistant Pastor
Small Group Co-ordinator

Stewart Speer

Worship Co-ordinator

Becky Speer

Office Manager
Compassion Manager

Christine Shortland

Prayer Co-ordinator

Ann Barnes

Ministry Co-ordinator
Small Group Co-ordinator

Peter Barnes

Ministry Co-ordinator

Claire Davies

Welcoming Co-ordinator

Angela Paterson

Refreshments Coordinator

Carly Barnes

Babyshed Project Worker
Small Group Co-ordinator

Andrew Howes

Set-Up Co-ordinator

Louise Holmes


Shelagh Windsor-Richards

Small Group Co-ordinator


Shelagh Windsor-Richards

Trustee (Chair)

Daniel Barnes


James Pearson


David Stokes